Oh My Dog: Heroes Assemble is a mobile game where you need to assemble dog heroes into your squad. They automatically fight enemies and bosses, leveling up and earning you valuable coins.

Oh My Dog: Heroes Assemble was released on the App Store and Googel Play on October 27th. Since then, the game has remained in the top 1 of Google Play among free projects. This is an excellent result, and even Warcraft Rumble could not overtake it.

Oh My Dog: Heroes Assemble offers over 50 dog characters to choose from. They fight and level up so quickly that going through 100 floors in 1 hour is a breeze.

You can knock out new heroes through the gacha system. For this you need tickets – their give out 10 pieces free of charge for daily entry until there are 999 tickets. Oh My Dog: Heroes Assemble attracts with cartoon graphics, a clear interface and an equipment system for each hero. They also sell beginners a cheap set with multiplied benefits.

Oh My Dog also offers different battlefields. Players will be able to switch between them at their discretion. Judging by the screenshots, that is asynchronous PvP battles.

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