Nomad is a mobile game with survival elements, but with a more colorful picture than Don’t Starve. Nomad seems more good-natured and comical, with old NPC pirates, quests and small areas.

Nomad appeared on Google Play in a number of countries, including Indonesia and Taiwan. Manual control using a touch screen. And since this is an early version, there may be bugs.

Survival in Nomad is limited, meaning you don’t need to constantly monitor your hunger and thirst levels. Instead, the player will collect items, often found on or in trees that need to be cut down.

You can also grow plants in the game Nomad. To do this, you need to prepare the soil in advance, add fertilizers and water. There is probably no multiplayer, so you won’t be able to clash with other players. In general, this project is more suitable for relaxation after full-fledged survival simulators. It’s a pity that because of the Chinese characters, everything is not clear.

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