Nine Nights is a third-person mobile action game with manual controls. The player plays the role of a ninja who can somersault and somersault, and he also has a long and sharp sword, with which he cuts enemies into pieces.

Nine Nights was released on the App Store and Google Play on September 19, 2023. This is a paid project with a price tag of approximately 449 rubles.

In Nine Nights you can also practice parkour and avoid moving traps. Thanks to this and the slightly outdated graphics, this game is reminiscent of the first parts of Prince of Persia, especially The Sands of Time and Warrior Within. I’m glad that this game has destructible objects, as well as the ability to block some targeted attacks from enemies, including shuriken throws.

One of the disadvantages of Nine Nights is the 2D rain, which seems to run after the character and the camera. This has already been used in Grand Theft Auto III from The Definitive Trilogy; then players complained to Rockstar Games.

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