Nida the Dragonland is a mobile strategy game. In it, the gamer acts as the leader of the dragons. For their prosperity, it is necessary to build buildings and mines for the extraction of gold and crystals.

Nida the Dragonland is available on Google Play Philippines; This trial run. The game offers a clear interface, nice cartoon graphics and educational missions. Gamers need to collect identical items to receive upgrades. It is also worth taking care of an army of heroes who will participate in automatic tactical battles. This will allow you to expand your territories by organizing expeditions.

Nida the Dragonland players can also participate in various events and communicate with others via text chat.

In total, the developers of this mobile game promise more than 70 heroes, divided into 5 unique factions. They also have their own role in the team and rarity level. Some characters can be obtained by progressing through the story, and others through gacha twists.

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