NextRP is an exciting domestic GTA game set in Russia. You can play this online simulator for free, you just need to register on the official website. The developers offer us, having plunged into the online world, to visit anywhere in our country, choose a cool car and become anyone.

What is the main thing in GTA? Of course, cars. Here everyone will find their “swallow” – the choice is huge: from the most expensive and well-known models to our domestic cars. At the same time, the creators did not forget about tuning – the car can be upgraded and made unique.

In NextRP, you decide who you want to be. Develop your character, make a dizzying career in the criminal world, or become a policeman and restore order in the cities of our country. Here you can choose a profession and work, for example, as a taxi driver, trucker or farmer. The game simulates reality, it is possible to team up with other players, arrange holidays, participate in races and competitions.

Game Review

NextRP was developed on the basis of GTA San Andreas, the map of which is adapted to the Russian reality. Users will be able to wander through their native streets, see familiar places, as well as discover a lot of new things, go where they have never been in reality. But the most important thing in this adventure is that you can completely immerse yourself in this online world and try on any role.

The game is multiplayer, that is, a large number of people can play it at the same time. Characters communicate in voice chat, interact, form various communities. Now NextRP has 15 servers. The new user chooses how he will look, there are both male and female characters. Then he receives a passport – where in Russia without it – with a name and other data. And go!

NextRP screenshot

The developers have tried to recreate the Russian reality. Characters’ clothes, Soviet buildings, small wooden houses, stops and kiosks – all this is typical and recognizable for us. This is certainly a big plus of the game and exactly what makes it so attractive to the Russian user. It is worth noting the excellent graphics and clear drawing of details. All this helps to truly plunge into the digital reality and become its full participant.

There is a system of rules in the game, for the violation of which a ban follows, but it is good that there are not very many restrictions. RP attracts with a variety of choices and opportunities. There are models of cars for every taste and color, many different types of weapons. Well thought out monetary system. Everyone can take money from the bank and buy real estate, a car, open their own business. Or you can just relax in good company.

There are various factions in NextRP that anyone can join and really work, such as in the army, police, or city hall. But the main interest of the game is that everything is not so simple. To join a faction, you must complete military service and receive a military ID.

NextRP Police

As in the real world, gas is spent on any trip, so you will periodically have to stop by for a gas station. When buying a car, you will be asked for the rights, they will need to be obtained. For this, there is even a driving school in the Republic of Poland, after studying in which you can get the rights of different categories. Due to improper parking, the car will be towed, and a fine will be issued for speeding. Interestingly, the amount of fines and prices in general correspond to reality on average. There are even various discounts and promotions that you can take advantage of.

The RP has reference information, which lists all the necessary objects, such as car dealerships, banks, and so on. As in a real navigator, you can find everything you need on the map and choose the appropriate route. Also, do not forget about food, because the characters also want to eat. For this, cities have grocery stores that are very similar to real ones. Clothes are also on sale, for money you can change the appearance of the character, buy accessories.

Why NextRP?

The game is suitable for anyone who would like to try themselves in a new role and afford a little more than in the real world. Here you can make a career in the mayor’s office and manage a real city, get a job as a doctor and save people, become a policeman and defend the population, catch criminals and keep order. And you can choose a different path, join a gang, create your own clan and make a rustle in the city.


The possibilities are endless and, as in life, everyone chooses what he likes. There is a place for both simple hard workers and ambitious careerists. Complete daily tasks and earn bonuses and money for purchases. Allow yourself everything, live a luxurious life! The game has all the conditions for this: unreal cars, exciting events, dizzying races and a lot of other exciting things, because this world is limitless!

Love, play, have fun and enjoy your own Russia with the NextRP team!


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