NEWRP is a mobile game with servers where gamers play the roles of criminals, bandits and police officers. At the same time, according to the schedule, this project more closely resembles Grand Theft Auto Onlinethan SAMP. This is most affected by lighting and shadows. And if we talk about the setting of the city, then it’s more like San Andreas – with palm trees and a ghetto.

NEWRP developers showed weather changes in a new video. There is no release date yet, but players can sign up for an early launch through the official website. To do this, you need to specify your name, email and Telegram.

You can also visit the NEWRP website enter your chipset and amount of RAM to see the FPS number on different graphics presets. Judging by the video, the physics of moving on your feet or in a car are made realistically. So this project may outshine others, including Black Russia.

Russian-speaking developers are probably responsible for the development of NEWRP. In this game you can communicate with other gamers using voice chat, monitor your health and armor, and also upgrade your level or authority.


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