Silent Hill: Ascension is a mobile game that will be released in the West on October 31st on Halloween, and in the Russian Federation on the night of November 1st. The project will be available on iOS and Android, and is an interactive movie. In it, players vote together, and the most popular option affects the development of the plot.

A new trailer has been released for Silent Hill: Ascension, in which one of the main characters is asked if she killed her son? Then she says that she did everything right: she said the right words, made the right cuts, and so on. This is probably a mystical ritual.

Part of the plot of Silent Hill: Ascension will revolve around the Hernandez family in Pennsylvania. But this is not the only place – another part of the story will take place in Norway. The main message is the death of people under unknown circumstances, as well as overcoming the dark sides of one’s soul and the machinations of the cult.

Every day, your choices and the decisions of millions of other people around the world will influence the canon of the Silent Hill series.

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