Usually when developers of cross-platform MMORPGs show a new trailer, it causes a yawn. With Legend of YMIR it’s the other way around – the video lasts almost 5 minutes, and during this time we were shown mainly gameplay, and different ones at that. For example, you can catch up with an enemy on a horse in the city, jump off the stallion while moving and perform an air attack.

The tavern also hosts mini-events, for example, “Who will drink more?” After that, you can go to the pier and fish during the rain. And if you like nature more, you can mine ore. Moreover, this process was done in an interesting way, with the addition of special effects.

Also in Legend of YMIR you can fly between high platforms at the peak of mountains. And in between, fight monsters in dungeons and open areas at night. If we’re talking about boss battles, there are also QTE moments.

The graphics in the PC version of Legend of YMIR look amazing, but for now you need to look at the picture in the mobile version. You can play this project at G-Star 2023 from November 16 to 19.


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