The developers from Mundfish shared a fresh trailer for the second DLC for the shooter Atomic Heart – this time there are no geese in the frame, unlike previous video. The entire trailer is dedicated to the Limbo Ecosystem – a separate world that lives by its own rather strange rules. Apparently, the events of the add-on will take place there, but it’s difficult to say for sure – the studio gives almost no comments.

“Limbo lives by its own crazy rules, and everything in it is tied into a single ecosystem. Just look at its extraordinary beauty, and also at what you will encounter very soon.”

The entire Limbo Ecosystem consists of scattered islands and structures floating in the sky. You can spot huge licorice sticks, strange toy houses and obstacle courses. By the way, the fight with the geese from the last trailer also took place somewhere here, judging by the surroundings. It’s especially strange that Mundfish promise a continuation of the plot and a new gaming experience – it’s not entirely clear how everything will be connected to this dimension.

The DLC does not yet have an exact release date, but the developers mentioned that the update is worth waiting for “this winter”.


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