Publisher Paradox Arc, which you may have noticed for its cooperative RPG Across the Obelisk and PvP strategies Mechabellum, took on the exploratory sandbox Starminer from the start-up studio from Slovenia CoolAndGoodGames. The project, which until recently was called ILL Space, will appear in early access early next year. And then the developers will continue to release updates, adding content and game modes.

In Starminer we have to go explore lonely asteroids and get as many resources as possible. Over time, we will be able to acquire our own space fleet and develop an entire mining company. Just be careful – big money always attracts lovers of easy money.

The main gameplay feature of Starminer will be its sophisticated physics, with the help of which we will not only be able to immerse ourselves in a realistic game, but also build a believable space station with many compartments for resources, combat modules, energy blocks and the like.



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