The Korean company NCsoft is preparing with all its might for the imminent release of Throne and Liberty and is stirring up public interest. Within the framework of the exhibition G-Star 2023 The MMORPG received a new cinematic trailer featuring an epic boss battle that showed off the story’s main characters. Unfortunately, there were no new gameplay footage, but we will see them very soon. The release of the new product in South Korea is scheduled for December 7, and the client will be available for download on November 21. There is no information about a worldwide release yet.

As we mentioned above, the new video is entirely dedicated to the battle with the boss, which is very similar to the Lich King from Warcraft. The main character is represented by an unknown girl with a two-handed sword, who not only dodges enemy attacks, but also responds to them in close combat with a sword and long-range with a crossbow. We later learn that her class is paladin when she calls upon the powers of light.

As the video progresses, we are shown other unique heroes with their own classes. A girl knight appears in full armor and with a shield, a ranger with a bow, an assassin with two blades who can turn into a raven, and an elemental magician who not only attacks with fireballs and lightning, but also becomes a black panther.

The platforms on which the game will be released are still unknown. It’s probably worth waiting for Throne and Liberty not only on PC, but also on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Also reported about localization into 12 languages.



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