If you missed looter shooters, then I have a little gift for you.

So the Level Infinite publishing house and the NExT studio launched an open beta testing of the team looter shooter Synced. The game can be tried until April 19, on Steam.

As for the plot, the Earth awaits us after the technological apocalypse. The world has been taken over by zombies controlled by nanomachines, and players need to extract valuable resources.

Everything looks good in the trailer. And personally, I have an interest to feel the game in the coming days.

Let me remind you that SYNCED is a shareware game with two main modes. In the PvE mode of Dead Sector, three players team up to fight hostile NPCs, and in the PvP mode of Nerva Run, four teams of three players (12 players in total) fight each other.

Teams have several points to collect resources, but most of all they are given on a single one at the end of the match.

In the meantime, let’s watch the trailer for it.


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