Publisher Kakao Games answered many questions regarding the financial report for the third quarter of this year and talked about plans for the MMORPG ArcheAge 2. Apparently, in 2024 the game will not only participate in the Gamescom exhibition, but will also be tested by some players as part of a closed beta test. The plans are still preliminary, but the publisher has no doubt that they will be achieved.

At the moment, it is already known that MMORPG ArcheAge 2 will focus not on massive PvP, as was the case in the previous part, but on single-player content. At the same time, group activities are here to stay. There will still be a ton of content for groups and guilds, like special dungeons. Probably, Kakao Games took such a step for the sake of the Western audience. The sequel will feature not only more story content, but also the beloved non-target combat system.

Kakao Games has not yet decided how ArcheAge 2 will be sold. Various options are being considered, including Pay-to-Play with a monthly subscription. It is also already known that the MMO will be released on PC and consoles.


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