Following pre-announced plans, last night Digital Extremes held its 173rd Devstream dedicated to the development process of Warframe, the highly successful free-to-play multiplatform online space ninja game. This time, the developers talked about various features of the Abyss of Dagath update, which will be released on October 18. In this article you will find a brief summary of basic information.


  • Abyss skins will be added for Protea, Mirage and Nidus.
  • They will add a prime version of the Grendel frame. It will come along with the prime version of the Zylock pistol, the Masseter melee weapon, and the prime Syandana.
  • They will add the “Cross Play clans” feature, which will allow you to invite players from other platforms to the clan.

Quality of life improvements

Most of the stream was dedicated to just a gigantic number of different QoL improvements:

  • Damaged mods will be removed from almost the very first quest “The Thief’s Prize”, replaced with regular ones (mods already received will automatically turn into regular ones) and MK1 weapons will be replaced with regular variants.
  • The functionality of the “Enemy Detector” mod will become universal; in other words, it will work at a distance of up to 30 meters even without the mod. And the mod itself will now only increase the distance.
  • They will improve the text of the letter that you receive upon completing the quests “The Thief’s Prize” and “Saya’s Watch”.
  • New options will be added for illuminating enemies and allies; the color of the illumination can be adjusted manually.

  • To simplify the passage, various minor changes will be made to the following quests – Wave Tamer, Voice Solaris, Nata, Saiya’s Watch, Archwing, Limbo’s Theorem.
  • Improve the mission Hacking Narmer.
  • The Cetus Light no longer disappears.
  • Crafting necramechs will be slightly simplified; for example, you can purchase damaged parts from Laid.

Loyd’s damaged necromech parts

  • The tasks “Collect 20 mods” and “Install 4 mods in one frame/weapon” will be removed from the Venus hub station, and the incubator power core will be stuffed into the Mercury hub station as a reward.
  • The side activity “Hunting” will be improved: old icons will be replaced with new ones and the display of animal tracks will be improved.
  • They will add a new auto-melle feature: it allows you to not press the button to make melee attacks, but simply hold it down.
  • Focusing lenses will provide a higher conversion value, while convergence spheres will provide a fixed amount of focus at 5000.
  • If a weapon has a special property, its description can be read in the mod installation interface.
  • Improvements to the “About Update” screen that appears after you enter the game.
  • The pause menu will display a list of all buffs and debuffs, as well as a detailed description of what they do
  • They will improve the “Shield gate” mechanics, add new mods related to the shield and the mentioned mechanics, and shields will provide 50% damage resistance (instead of 25% as now).

  • They will improve night waves: they will add a pop-up window with a list of main rewards and descriptions, remove some challenges and add new ones, reduce the grind for closing acts and add new ways to close acts.
  • They will fix mods that affect the characteristics of the frame, which is why they will start working correctly. In this regard, the strength of the effect will be adjusted for some mods. In general, the situation will not change much, the developers will just fix a big problem.
  • Without going into too much detail, in order to bring more variety to battles with archons, the mechanics of damage attenuation will be improved.
  • Improvements to the evolutions of incarnon weapons can be changed directly in the arsenal.
  • The Duviri activity called “Chain” in the steel path mode will receive new rewards – rift mods.


The developers will rework the companion system, introducing various changes, and to be very precise, the first wave of changes will come with the update. Alas, this stream only talked about some of the changes:

  • When your companion’s HP reaches 0, he falls and enters a special state in which he begins to gradually restore health, after which he gets back on his feet. The base duration of this state is 60 seconds.
  • HP, shields and armor have been increased to increase overall survivability by approximately 50%.
Strengthening the main characteristics of a companion

Strengthening the main characteristics of a companion

  • About 14 new mods will be added, below are examples of several:
    • The companion clones itself whenever your energy level exceeds 100 units. The clone exists for 30 seconds and if it kills an enemy, with a 50% chance a sphere of energy will appear.
    • Headshot kills reduce the time a companion is in a special state by 3 seconds. If your companion’s crit chance is above 50%, your critical damage is increased by +60%.
    • If your companion’s shield level exceeds 1200, the weapon’s rate of fire increases by 60%. When recharging, the companion restores 150 shield units.
    • Normal mid-air kills reduce the time the companion is in the special state by 3 seconds, and head kills (while still in the air) reduce the time by 9 seconds. While the frame is in the air, the companion’s attack and movement speed increases by 49%; after landing, the effect persists for 3 seconds.
Example of new mods

Example of new mods


In addition to pets, the update plans to rework Hydroid, making the following changes to the main abilities:

  • Passive – completely replaced with a new one: when dealing damage with anything, the frame makes the target more vulnerable to the corrosion effect. After activating this effect, the target instantly loses 50% of its armor, and after receiving the maximum number of stacks, it loses all armor.
    • To visually indicate the first effect, a small icon will now appear above the enemy.
  • First – changed the type of damage from impact to corrosion, the ability now staggers enemies, the augment mod changed the type of damage from corrosion to virus.
The icon above the enemy means a debuff

The icon above the enemy means a debuff

  • Second – added the ability to slightly change the direction of the wave, improved the grip strength of opponents and now they move with you, changed the type of damage from impact to corrosion (the number of stacks depends on how long the opponents were in the wave), when activated, the ability removes everything from the frame negative statuses.

  • Third – completely replaced with a new one: the frame steals armor from enemies within its visual radius and turns it into its own, and also provides additional corrosive damage to the weapon.
    • The strength of the ability depends on the number of enemies hit and the presence of corrosive stacks.
    • By using the ability on an enemy with the maximum number of stacks, you will steal all of his armor.
    • The augment mod has been changed and now, when armor is stolen, the ability restores HP to the frame and allies within the range.
  • Fourth – tentacles no longer swing captured enemies, but keep them in one place. Magnetic damage has also been changed to corrosive.

Dagath’s hollow

Dagath’s hollow is a new dojo room designed in a dark, frightening and at the same time fascinating style. In order to build it, you will need a new resource; it can be obtained in special missions, where you will be led by a special item that will appear in all faction stores (in the version shown it costs 5000). The mission will be something like a cleanup, but with several features

In addition to the mesmerizing interior, you will find a coffin in the room, allowing you to purchase blueprints for a new frame, signature weapons, and a stall for customizing the horse from the Duviri Paradox. What’s most interesting is that you don’t have to research the drawings, but in order to copy them, you will have to give up a certain amount of the resource mentioned above.


Dagath is the 54th female frame, the design of which, as far as I understand, is based on horror themes. In my opinion, the frame looks pretty nice, except for the standard version of the helmet, where there is a huge hole instead of a face. It’s immediately worth noting that the frame will come along with the following:

  • A signature melee weapon called Blade & Whip. It has a special property: after completing 20 kills or assists in a kill, the weapon goes into a spectral state, its Follow Through stat is doubled, and the next 20 attacks are guaranteed to inflict the status effect.
    • In Dagath’s hands, each active status effect slightly heals the frame.
  • An alternative version of the helmet has a hole not in the middle, but on the sides.
  • The decoration for the horse from Duviri is the three elements of Aumen сhamfron, saddle and tail.


  • Abundant abyss (passive) – when selecting spheres of energy and HP, there is a small chance that its effectiveness will increase up to x3 times.
  • Wyrd scythes (first) – the frame creates several scythes that rotate around the character and gradually move away, after which they disappear.
    • Scythes deal viral damage and slow down enemies.

  • Doom (second) – the frame releases a wave of energy in front of itself, which quickly spreads along the cone. All enemies hit receive a special Phantom Wrath debuff.
    • The debuff can be cumulative; to do this, you just need to apply the ability again to the desired enemy.
    • For clarity, the summation of the debuff is displayed as a small scythe icon above the enemy.
    • If the first ability is applied to an enemy with a debuff, the duration of the debuff will be updated and it will spread to nearby targets.

  • Grave spirit (third) – after activation, the ability increases the critical damage of all weapons and the frame receives special protection.
    • If you receive fatal damage while the ability is active, the frame will enter a spectral state and dodge all attacks for a short period of time.
    • After leaving the spectral state, the ability goes into CD.

  • Rakhali’s Cavalry (fourth) – the frame summons 5 ghostly horses and launches them along a line in front of itself. The horses rush forward at high speed and ram opponents, causing viral damage.
    • When applying an ability to enemies with a debuff from the second ability, the horses rip off their armor with each damage dealt.


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