Last weekend there was a virtual event Realms Deep 2023, where many studios presented their projects. This year the presentation was dedicated to new products that were inspired by unusual solutions from old games. So we saw Almost Duke Nukem, almost FEAR and, of course, almost Deus Ex — Core Decay.

The last game will be discussed. The new Core Decay trailer struck fans with similarities to the first part of Deus Ex in literally everything: from mechanics to atmosphere. What can we say about the setting itself? The events of the game take place in 2089: devastation, environmental disasters and everyone’s “favorite” corporations are all around. The main character not only must uncover a secret conspiracy, but also deal with himself. His memory is damaged, his body is changed, and his own self is lost.

In the new trailer, Slipgate Ironworks focused on the variability of Core Decay gameplay, showing the same mission from different angles. The hero’s task is to escape from the outpost, reaching the director’s office. And you can do this in three ways:

  1. Go ahead, killing anyone you meet;
  2. Find a loyal employee and get a pass card from him to the director’s office;
  3. Take cover in the shadows, quietly eliminating enemies, and make your way through the ventilation to the target.

If in previous trailers Core Decay was more reminiscent of the classic “run and gun” style of Doom, now it takes the Deus Ex approach as a basis. We can only wait for more news from Slipgate Ironworks and hope that the plot will be as tasty as the gameplay.



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