The competitive turn-based strategy Demeo Battles, announced a year ago, was released in Steam for PC and with support for VR helmets. The cooperative board game was a direct continuation of the fairly popular Demeo, which was released several years ago and collected a whole bunch of prestigious awards and more than a thousand positive reviews on Steam.

Demeo Battles invites us to go into dungeons, forests and wastelands to challenge opponents in 1v1 or 2v2 modes. There, terrifying minions await us: rats, goblins, trolls and demons, ready to fight on our side. Choose the appropriate class and fighting style, and then decide exactly how to develop your character and what equipment to invest coins in. Each match lasts 20 minutesso challenge your opponents again and again.

Demeo Battles is distributed without a release discount and the Russian language, but the promotion is valid for a set of a new product and an original game – as much as 35%.



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