Publisher NCsoft showed a new trailer for the cross-platform game Battle Crush during the G-Star 2023 presentation.

In it you can see how players choose a spawn point before the start of the match. Judging by the video, locations will be collected randomly from different “districts”.

Some heroes can move in the form of a sea wave, which can give them increased movement speed and temporary invulnerability against certain types of attacks.

There are chests with loot of varying rarity scattered around the map.

You will have to compete for especially rare chests.

During the match, players collect equipment of varying rarities. She probably disappears after the match ends.

You can also use flasks and some scrolls.

Matches are played in a battle royal format, so the safe zone is constantly narrowing. And some parts of the map are completely destroyed, so some battles, especially at the very end, take place in a small area.

You can participate in matches either solo or as part of a team.

Source: Gematsu


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