In this Neverwinter Online game guide, we will talk about the main feature of the game – the workshop, as well as how to make your own quest.

Why create quests at all? There are two options here. First, you will show your quest to the world. Secondly, for a well-done quest, players can reward you with valuable astral diamonds. And don’t forget about the noble goal of improving the content of the game.

So, when you start the game, under the character buttons there is an entrance to the workshop.


Actually, we go in, select a task, if you want to create something, or make a new one, after which we get into the editor.

creating a quest

As soon as we showed up there, you should not frantically look for where to create a map or place heaven. Like real developers, you first need to come up with a description of the quest and a name. Then – to compose the main concept of the quest – for this we have a special window where you can write all the ideas, and then look for ways to apply them.

Next, you need to create a map. It all depends on the level of seriousness of the approach to creating the quest. You can choose one of the prepared map options – it’s easier. Or you can go crazy and create your own unique map literally piece by piece. But if you are not a designer, but hook hands, then you will end up with a dull something.

map creation window

To create a map, sets of a certain area are available to you – you use them to collect a map. Next, you should think about which route the hero will move on this map – for this, you should run the map in testing and editing mode.

quest creation window

It should be noted that the easiest way is to place characters on the map and decor elements directly in the game – this is quite difficult to do according to the scheme. So after creating a map, it makes sense to launch its game mode, and already there install all the NPCs and decor items you need that will block the path if you don’t need to go there as planned. Characters can be rotated, moved and placed the way you want.

For the NPC, you can choose the appearance, as well as animation options when responding. The choice of characters was also carried out, so creating 10 or even 20 quest heroes that differ from each other is not a problem.

NPC creation

There is also an “appearance” tab in the Neverwinter Online quest editor, where we can display a unique character or select an already set hero on the diagram and work on his appearance. The editor is really rich: horns, scars, zombie look, jackets, helmets… What’s not there, customize and save as you want. You can even go into special mode, but you should not go there without proper preparation. Traps can also be placed right in the game and even tested.

We advise you to wait a little with the enemies – they can be placed already in the final, as they can interfere during the tests.

So, when all the NPCs have been placed, you have given them a name, appearance, set up traps, blocked the passages, it’s time to go back to the workshop. Now you need to go to the “plot” tab. On the right, the column shows the possible actions in order to go further. For example, in our quest, we first set the task to talk to Yaroslav. Here we select the text of the task and on which NPC it is activated. Next, we write the text of Yaroslav.

Now you need to go to the dialogue menu to create a full-fledged dialogue there. You can give several answers, specify their color, customize the character’s reaction. After that, it would be nice to test it all.

creation of dialogs

In the story window, your task is to build all the chains of actions and dialogues in the right way up to the moment of receiving the reward. There are such actions as killing the enemy, inspecting the object, interacting with him, opening the door, moving to the point. If you understand all this, then it will no longer be a big problem to deal with the creation of a plot in the quest, so we make a chain of tasks and carefully check them.

It is necessary not to forget and in the right place to put a chest with a reward, which is issued after the completion of the quest.

Well, we have almost reached the final, and the quest is almost ready. Let’s move on to the last part – we place the monsters, indicate their difficulty levels and their type. Monsters, by the way, can also be made unique.

Now we go to the editor, where we expose each monster as we see fit. You can set patrol modes, make them pretend to be a corpse, and so on.

Now we are already doing the final test – we completely go through the quest, do polishing, add little things, traps, check the spelling in the texts and style. You can publish and follow the feedback of the players.

For example, the creation of a very primitive quest in Neverwinter Online was described, but we hope readers will also like it, and this guide will push you to make your own interesting adventures, because mastering the workshop is quite simple, and you can please people with pretty cool quests and receive rewards for a very long time. That’s all.


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