The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is a cross-platform game for PC, consoles and smartphones. The publication is handled by Netmarble, and the project will be shown at G-Star 2023.

Before the show, the developers decided to show a trailer to increase the hype level. The video mainly showed joint battles with other players against world bosses. These are not just “sponges for incoming damage”, but serious opponents who can hang a shield on themselves, soar in the air, and hit with their fist so that the entire location will tremble. In this regard, The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin looks much more attractive than Genshin Impact and similar grinds.

The graphics in The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin are also amazing – it’s not even about its realism and anime style, although all this is also there, but also about the beautiful animations and special effects that fit the theme.

Also in the dungeons, players will solve physics puzzles similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Well, if that’s not enough, then what about traveling by ship?


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