Publisher Netflix continues to add and develop interesting games from PC and consoles to smartphones. Next in line is Hades.

This game will be released on iOS in 2024. There is no information about the Android version. Also note that an active Netflix subscription will be required; Interestingly, this will be an iOS exclusive, bypassing the Apple Arcade service.

The mobile version of Hades will offer touch controls, as well as full controller support.

How to subscribe to Netflix for games?

Netflix has 3 plans:

  • Basic – approximately 322 rubles per month;
  • Standard – approximately 484 rubles per month;
  • Premium – approximately 645 rubles per month.

Games are included in all 3 versions, so the cheapest plan will do.

On There are also shared Netflix accounts for 12 months for 229 rubles. In Russia you need to use a VPN, I advise NordVPN (paid) or Planet Free VPN (free).

Next, in Google Play or the App Store you need to find games from the publisher Netflix. One of them is Spiritfarer.

After downloading the game, you will be asked to sign in to your Netflix account. Have a good game.


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