Katana Zero Mobile – smartphone game and port PC versions. Before this, the mobile version appeared in Chinese markets as a demo version. A global version is now being prepared; Netflix will be its publisher. This means that you will need an active subscription to this streaming service.

There is no release date for Katana Zero Mobile yet, other than that it will be released in 2024. There will be no pages on the App Store and Google Play until the day the game is released, as per Netflix tradition.

In Katana Zero Mobile you can play as a samurai, which uses dashes and swift katana strikes to destroy enemies. A lot of blood will flow from them, so we have an interesting alternative to Hotline Miami, only with platforming and 2D.

Katana Zero Mobile also has a story and in-engine cutscenes. From the interesting – urban settingas well as a neon and cyberpunk city in which our samurai faces off against bandits.

Katana ZERO received extremely positive reviews on Steam.


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