The bright neon mixture of Deus Ex and Doom, which we wrote about recently, has entered early access in Steam. Beyond Sunset is a brutal first-person action game created on a modern version of the GZDoom engine. In addition to a thick layer of 90s atmosphere, the game can offer fast gameplay, a variety of enemies, a well-developed world with a sea of ​​NPCs and side quests, as well as a very dynamic soundtrack.

Judging by the description on Steam and the release trailer, the player will be able to explore the streets of Sunset City, complete quests, upgrade weapons and unlock a variety of skills that will help him run faster, jump and even glide around the city. And our enemies will be almost all possible creatures: from the mafia to humanoid cyborgs.

Only 3 episodes with an hour or two of gameplay each were released into early access. The remaining 2 are planned for spring next year, along with additional mechanics and gameplay improvements. At the moment there is already support for mods for new weapons.



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