Today was the premiere of the final episode of the series The Last of Us. It is known that the show has already been renewed for a second season – it will retell the story The Last of Us Part II. The plot of the first and second parts is separated by a gap of five years, so in the series, Ellie also has to grow up. However, the authors of the television adaptation are not going to replace Bella Ramsay (Bella Ramsey) an older actress.

The producers of the show Craig Mazin (Craig Mazin) and Neil Druckmann (Neil Druckmann) during a press conference shortly before the release of the ninth episode “One of Us”.

When we were making the game, I felt like we were incredibly lucky. What we were able to find Ashley Johnson (Ashley Johnson), comparable to catching lightning in a bottle. I can’t imagine that Ellie’s version would have been played by anyone else. And then we somehow managed to repeat this trick with Bella.

Neil Druckmann

According to Druckmannthe team can refuse services ramsay only in the event that she herself does not want to continue to play the role of Ellie in the second season. “Even so, we would most likely force her back.” The executive producer admitted Naughty Dog. Mazin confirmed the words of his colleague and emphasized that now the actress is 19 years old – the same was Ellie in Part II. And by the start of filming the sequel, Bella will become even more mature.

Also Mazin warned that next season would be different from Part IIhow the first season differed from the original The Last of Us. “In some places the difference will be significant, and sometimes it will not be at all. But the series will be different from the game and will become an independent work, “ — shared the author of the adaptation.

Returning to the ninth episode, it is worth saying that Abby, one of the heroines of the sequel, was still placed in it. To be more precise, an actress appeared on the screen Laura Bailey (Laura Bailey), who voiced the character in the game. She can be seen in the operating room in the guise of a doctor. Fans also drew attention to the yellow paint near the stairs – this is how game designers marked objects with which the user could interact in the game.

Recall that the first season The Last of Us became one of the best projects in history HBO. For example, the eighth episode attracted more than 8.1 million viewers to the screens, which is 74% more than the pilot episode’s audience of 4.7 million people.


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