Today, November 16th, the mobile game Need for Speed ​​Mobile begins beta testing in China. It runs on both iOS and Android. For the first platform you need to use the link to TestFlight; for the latter, you will have to download it in a bypass, in the hope that it will let you go beyond the prologue – since the test is closed, the developers could limit access beyond the introductory race.

At the same time, a “pioneer test” of the global version of NFS Mobile should take place in November. It will only be held on Android, so it’s surprising when YouTubers publish “fresh” videos with gameplay from the English version of Need for Speed ​​Mobile, while recording it on an iPad M2.

When Need for Speed ​​Mobile was first announced, players compared its map to Need for Speed ​​Heat. Now it is clear that although the city from Heat was taken as a basis, its areas and routes were greatly changed for the sake of “mobility”, and new areas were also added to it that were not in other parts.

It turns out that Chinese and global NFS Mobile developers have become more active, and the end of 2023 will be bright for racing fans.

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