Beta tests are underway for the Chinese version of Need for Speed ​​Mobile, but global gamers are often uninterested in this due to the lack of at least English, progress being deleted, and difficulties logging into the servers.

Therefore, the developers of the global version of Need for Speed ​​Mobile reported good news – it will be tested in December 2023. Although the date may be moved to an earlier or later date. Everything depends on the results of the development team – they want everything to be perfect. Let’s see during testing what they consider ideal.

Another thing that the representative of Need for Speed ​​Mobile could tell us is that the game will undergo a small test before the major test in December. More information about him will come later. In the meantime, I suggest you look at the teaser of the main menu in NFS Mobile. On it you can see English characters and mobile graphics, which easily compete with the Chinese version.

In the screenshot you can also see the driver’s rating – Master I. Also in the main menu, the track Do Ya Thang is playing, and from the events there is “Treasure Hunt”.


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