Project BSS is an anime gacha from the Korean publisher NCsoft, which was first shown at G-Star 2023. It does not yet have an official name, but it is known that its events will unfold in the world of Blade & Soul.

Project BSS is being developed for PCs and smartphones; this will be a cross-platform project in the RPG genre with collecting heroes.

In Project BSS, players will explore open environments just as colorful as those found in Genshin Impact. A group of 5 heroes will fight the enemies, between whom you can switch. There will also be assistants controlled by bots.

The graphics in Project BSS don’t take the stars out of the sky, but there are a lot of special effects. You can also expect a variety of game modes, including raids on world bosses.

In Project BSS there will be different characters and the main goal is to collect them all, as well as upgrade them. Each of them has their own element and role in the team.

There is no release date yet. It is expected that this game will be released in 2024 in South Korea. After that, it can move to the global market. More screenshots at Gematsu.


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