Massively multiplayer shooter about World War II Foxhole will receive a new major DLC – Naval Warfare. The update will bring to the game not only battleships and submarines, but also landing units for landing on the shore. Foxhole: Naval Warfare will appear in Steam store very soon – October 26th.

Foxhole is somewhat reminiscent of Company of Heroes, if you imagine that each unit is a separate player. Everyone is busy with their work and together ensure the victory of the entire faction. It is not necessary to personally capture an enemy outpost – it is enough to fire shells or shoot enemies from a trench.

The Naval Warfare DLC will bring even more teamwork opportunities to this anthill. On each ship, dozens of players will somehow get along, busy with their own business. Someone is delivering ammunition, someone is releasing mines, and someone is already pumping water out of the hold. Yes, yes, any enemy attack can easily flood a couple of compartments of the ship, which is why the team will have to solve problems with sealing.



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