Naughty Dog’s roadmap has leaked online. The developers are busy with the continuation of The Last of Us, have almost completed the remaster of the second part and are working on a shooter based on a new franchise, similar to Mass Effect.

The leak appeared on 4chan comes on the heels of laying off several studio employees, but it’s still worth taking with a pinch of salt. Naughty Dog is not commenting on the situation.

The roadmap reveals four upcoming Naughty Dog projects. The first of them – a remaster of The Last of Us Part 2 – is almost ready and is planned for next year on PlayStation, and after about 6 months on PC. The updated version will only bring new graphics and visual effects – no changes in mechanics or content. The preview price is $69.99, and the PS4 version will cost $79.99.

The second project is the Last of Us Factions multiplayer game mode, which is also planned for next year. The game will have large-scale maps reminiscent of the second part of the series. Besides, this is probably one of those GAAS games which Jim Ryan ordered before leaving Sony.

The third game looks the most interesting. This is a third-person shooter in the spirit of Mass Effect 2 and a new franchise. Its plot will take place within the solar system. According to the leaked information, this game will have a companion selection system, just like BioWare.

The latest leaked project, The Last of Us: Part 3, is in pre-production. Naughty Dog has no plans to release the game anytime soon. Its release will probably coincide with the release of the PlayStation 6.


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