NASCAR Manager 2023 is a mobile racing game from Hutch Games. The project is undergoing a trial launch in Brazil on iOS and Android. I’m glad that there is an English localization.

In NASCAR Manager 2023, the player takes on the role of team manager. He must train drivers and compete in NASCAR races. You cannot directly control the machines; instead, the manager observes what is happening from a bird’s eye view. There are only 2 cars under his command.

During the race, you can give commands to the racers. For example, is it worth making a pit stop, and also what to do during it:

  • Refuel;
  • Change tires;
  • Remove damage.

The player also instructs drivers to speed up to overtake or, on the contrary, to slow down. If you take things carelessly, it may happen that the driver in the middle of the track will not have enough fuel and will fall far behind his rivals. To win, it is also worth collecting rare spare parts for your racing club.

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