My Lovely Wife is a game available on Steam from June 8, 2022, and on the App Store from October 11, 2023. There is no information about the Android version.

My Lovely Wife is a gothic romance simulator. Players will encounter succubi, each of them has 2 endings, not counting the main ones, which open faster.

The hero of My Lovely Wife has 24 characteristics that need to be upgraded. The character’s character is built from this, which determines the opening of individual lines of dialogue. Only visual novel connoisseurs note that the plot is written at the level of a “fifth grader’s essay.” At the same time, PC gamers note that this is even a plus for a mobile game. So the iOS port is a must-read. Moreover, there is Russian language.

One of the advantages of My Lovely Wife is a large number of succubi for relationships. Therefore, this game offers great variability and repeated playthroughs. Those who have played also note the chic visual style. But the story seemed superficial to them, and there was no significant threat of loss.

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