Mutant Meltdown can be pre-ordered through Google Play. There is no release date and there is no trial run in any country. Moreover, if you want to try this project, it will be in the App Store and Steam on December 22, 2022 and September 9 of the same year, respectively.

Mutant Meltdown players control a team of survivors who wield a variety of weapons, from a wooden bat to a rifle. Heroes move across a map consisting of hexes. Often, areas where the group has not yet been are closed by the fog of war. Therefore, you can run into a house with a lot of supplies or zombies.

Mutant Meltdown also pleases with its unusual art. Control is completely manual, and the player’s responsibilities include almost everything:

  • Inventory management;
  • Control and movement of each survivor;
  • Collecting new items;
  • Using clothing to protect against radiation.

One of the advantages of Mutant Meltdown is that Steam supports the Russian language. The developers also promise elements from bagels.

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