FireFront is a mobile game that is also called a true replacement for Battlefield Mobile. The developers promise 2 game modes and 2 maps, and with future updates they will add more content.

An early version of FireFront appeared on Google Play, and you can also download the game client through the Russian Federation. I note that the project never appeared in the App Store.

In the latest update, FireFront developers have improved connectivity to servers in North and South America. They also changed the interface, making it more minimalistic.

The fighter’s movement has also increased during sight shooting and in other situations. Another innovation is the addition of a function that requires you to hold down the aim button to continue shooting.

There were also some bug fixes. For the most part, FireFront came to Google Play to give players another way to download the client. This is not a trial run and the number of downloads this way is limited.

Google Play


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