Bit Gun is a mobile first-person shooter game available on Google Play from October 30, 2023. A week after the release, the project still takes top 60 on Google Play.

In Bit Gun, the emphasis is on multiplayer shootouts in small locations. The controls are completely manual, but the character himself aims at the enemy’s head and shoots. So destroying an entire squad and getting 5 kills at a time is common.

Often in Bit Gun you will have to play with bots, but the project downloaded over 10,000 timesso you can expect real opponents as you level up your account.

Bit Gun has many premium offers for new players. If you don’t want to donate, you can log in every day and collect a free reward.

The developers of Bit Gun promise shootouts between players from all over the world. For constant victories, you need to customize your equipment and improve your equipment.

You can shoot from different guns: from pistols to sniper rifles.

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