MU Monarch is a mobile MMORPG from Webzen, which will be released in South Korea in 2024. Pre-registration for the game takes place through the official websitebut to receive gifts after the release you must enter and confirm your Korean phone number.

There is no official release date for MU Monarch; The approximate date will appear after the App Store appears.

Judging by the trailers, players will be able to choose 1 of 3 classes to then participate in battles against groups of monsters. The gameplay is isometric, and the graphics are “retro at maximum speed.” This is a plus for owners of budget smartphones.

MU Monarch players are promised a PvP mode with a castle siege. It will probably involve guilds. Also, fans of PvE modes will go to dungeons and raids, plus participate in cooperative modes. The resulting rare items can be freely sold to other players.

Mu Monarch has an age rating of 18+ on Google Play, so players outside of Korea may not be allowed onto the servers without verification of identification.

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