Mr. President is a mobile game, an early version of which appeared on Android on Google Play. The gameplay is reminiscent of the Reigns series, where the player swipes left or right to make big decisions as President of the United States.

Specific nods towards modern US presidents in Mr. President no; The game begins in 1900, and the logic of the narrative is not built entirely correctly. For example, your military adviser suggests giving someone a fighter jet packaged in a beautiful wrapper. There is humor, but it is not tied to the historical events of the United States.

In the game Mr. President there is no Russian language. Also, in the early version, nothing happens during the presidential debate, which is why you have to give up your term and restart the game.

The main goal of the players is to monitor the budget of the US government and make decisions related to the freedom of society, the abandonment of weapons and other good things, or take the life of the country into their own hands.

What other games are there like Mr. President?

You can play “I Am President!” Only it’s paid.

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