The Russian brand GMNG conducted a study among Russians to find out whether computer games are beneficial in real life. 1,463 respondents took part in the survey. Mostly people from 25 to 40 years old took part in it.

According to the survey results, the majority of respondents (80%) believe that the skills acquired in games help in real life. Those surveyed reported that gaming helped them gain quick decision-making skills (74%), develop logical thinking (56%) and improve their memory (54%). In addition, using PC games, users were able to learn English (45%), learn about other cultures (16%), and also develop critical thinking skills (42%).

Only one fifth of survey participants (20%) believe that computer games do not help in real life, since they are based on fictional worlds and the skills and abilities acquired in them cannot be applied in reality.

Respondents were asked two questions about the attitude of their loved ones towards computer games: the survey organizers were interested in the general opinion of their surroundings towards gaming, as well as how much the family or friends of their audience see benefits in video games.

Only 25% noted that their loved ones agree that the skills acquired in games are useful in real life.

More than a quarter of respondents (27%) admitted that their environment did not agree with the thesis, and 48% could not answer the question with accuracy.

In general, 11% of those surveyed have a negative attitude towards gaming. 23% of respondents noted a positive attitude from loved ones, and 66% were neutral.

The respondents shared their opinions about which genres of computer games contribute to the development of useful skills. The leading position among them is occupied by strategies (70%), second place goes to RPGs (54%), followed by shooters (46%).

“The topic of gaming is deeply stigmatized. At GMNG, we believe it is important to combat stereotypes about video games that exist in society: we launch advertising campaigns aimed at mainstreaming the problem. That is why we decided to conduct a study to prove the positive impact of computer games on their users.”

– Anton Barabanshchikov, leading brand manager at GMNG


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