Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is an open-world action adventure game created for PC, consoles and smartphones. This game takes part in the G-Star 2023 exhibition, where the developers showed gameplay.

The first thing you notice is the beautiful graphics, the design of the locations, and the player’s interaction with the environment. So, if the hero uses a fire spell, then everything around him is set on fire, turning into some kind of mini volcanic eruption.

Also, if Genshin Impact and Skyrim have their own mountains, then the creators of Seven Deadly Sins: Origin could not create their own – even bigger and more beautiful.

Now let’s look at the inventory and weapons. It will be of different rarities, and heroes will be able to switch between “guns”. That is, we can expect a classless system, or at least something more expanded than what anime gachas like Genshin offer.

Where would we be without mini-games? Netmarble decided not to create a bicycle, gave the players a fishing rod and invited them to fish. It will still be useful.

Caught fish can be cooked over a fire. To do this, it must be mixed with other ingredients.

After the appearance of Fontaine, game studios realized that they couldn’t do without the underwater world and deep dives – Seven Deadly Sins: Origin has this too.

In general, the local world is surprising. Netmarble managed to make it beautiful. Some quests, by the way, have a timer – so hurry up.

If you can dive deep, you can fly high. It is not yet clear whether this is a cutscene or another mechanic.

There will also be trolley rides in the dungeons. At this moment, the players of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” began to twitch their eyes nervously.

So many unnecessary replays…

And the last screenshot from what was shown at G-Star 2023 – physical puzzles, all according to the canons of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


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