Mokens League Soccer is a mobile football game. The gamer does not need to act as a manager, making transfers of players from his FC and pumping them up. Instead, the focus is on quick matches and tournaments on the field, where you have to manually control each player.

Mokens League Soccer is available on Android in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Spain and Venezuela. There is no information about the iOS version. There is also no information about whether this project can be played against real gamers – although during the match there is a “multiplayer” signature, the number of downloads is 100+.

As players win, they will collect football players, adding them to their team. They will also climb the career ladder, reaching the top 3 of the leaderboard.

The developers of Mokens League Soccer promise that although it is a F2P game, there are no barriers to progress. The goal of the game is to provide a platform for eSports competitions in which everyone, even casual gamers, can participate.

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