This is an online arcade action game that is available on PC, iOS and Android.

Modern Warships features hundreds of models of equipment and weapons systems: destroyers, cruisers, battleships, aircraft carriers, jet fighters, strike aircraft, bombers, helicopters, drones and submarines, as well as guns, torpedo launchers, missile launchers, missile defense and air defense systems .

The basis is taken from existing and promising samples of military equipment, prototypes and concept projects for modernization. Almost all vehicles in the game can be upgraded and unlocked for free, plus the player can additionally purchase some rare models and cosmetic items.

In honor of the launch of the MBT, four unique sets are temporarily available in the Gaijin.Net store for two weeks: concepts of promising missile destroyers from China (CN DDG-203 Kylin), Russia (Project 2145) and France (FS Swordship) and a real monster called JS Yamato Aegis – a concept for modernizing a Japanese battleship with the installation of modern air defense systems and hypersonic missiles. Each ship comes with a limited portrait of the captain, available only at the start of the MBT, and a themed skin.


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