Activision and Infinity Ward announced two events at once in September. First, everyone is invited to the Call of Duty: Next event. And then open beta testing will begin Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Test dates announced.

Recall that the second Modern Warfare will be released on October 28, but thanks to the “beta” it will be possible to feel it a month before the release. Everyone can participate for free. Those who pre-order are entitled to early access to testing. The schedule looks like this:

  • September 16th to 17th – early access on PlayStation.
  • from September 18th to 20th – open beta test on PlayStation.

  • September 22-23 Early Access on PC and Xbox, Open Beta on PlayStation.

  • from September 24th to 26th – open beta test on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

“Beta” Modern Warfare II will offer to plunge into six-on-six multiplayer battles that take place on “carefully designed” maps of various sizes. Judging by the trailer, one of them will be the Formula 1 track Marina Bay in Singapore.

More details about testing will be revealed during Call of Duty: Next. The broadcast will be devoted to the future of the franchise and they promise to tell, among other things, about the new Call of Duty: War zone and its mobile version, known as Project Aurora. There will also be a multiplayer show. Modern Warfare II.

The event is scheduled for September 15th. The developers have not yet announced the exact time of the event.


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