Galaxy Explorer: New Home is a mobile strategy game. Gamers will have to create a new colony of people, develop it and fight alien monsters. Before this, you should undergo training to understand the basics of the game.

Galaxy Explorer: New Home is available on Google Play USA; This is a trial run. The main goal is to increase the overall level of strength of your colony by sending troops on expeditions. This will allow you to get more resources and advance through the plot.

Galaxy Explorer: New Home features a variety of modes, including themed events, guarding herbal gardens, searching for relics, and destroying enemy tunnel networks. For permanent victories, you need to call on new commanders through the gacha system.

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The main danger is the Chonid fortresses. To capture them you need to create alliances with other players. Together with them you will go on raids on the Chonid strongholds. Thanks to this, you can liberate contaminated territories, restore the metropolis of your alliance and develop your civilization. Players from the same union help each other build a base, exchange materials, and even borrow heroes.

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