Horizon Driving Simulator is a mobile racing game available on Android in the following countries: Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and Spain.

Horizon Driving Simulator offers not only circuit racing with bots, but also free-wheeling through an open, but seemingly empty world. The main task is to find jumps and other places where you can jump and drift to get points and stars.

One of the advantages of Horizon Driving Simulator is that although the environment seems outdated in terms of graphics, the car models are well made, the physics and controls seem smooth, and the interface is clear.

Gradually, players will be able to unlock new cars and add them to their collection. They can be tuned and customized to suit your needs, different terrain, and so on. As for the game modes, there are several of them:

  • Sprints;
  • Time trial;
  • Tournaments.

As for online elements, there may not be any. The description doesn’t mention this, but the city is mostly driven by “traffic cars”

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