Hello AppTime readers and viewers AppTime Media. Valery Nikitenkov, editor-in-chief and voice of the weekly news selection for the outgoing first week of October, is in touch. This time we’ll talk about how the developers of Warzone Mobile did not meet the expectations of fans, how our readers wanted to eat Caesar salad after reading the news about the game Romans: Age of Caesar, which mobile project is similar to Darkest Dungeon, why Silent Hill: Ascension is an interactive series , what it’s eaten with and what the port of Hitman: Blood Money to smartphones will be like. Go!

Paths & Danger – turn-based RPG with Darkest Dungeon style

I’ll start with Paths & Danger. This game was released on PC back in April 2022, and also on iOS the same year. Now the project has appeared on Google Play, where pre-registration is taking place. The setting, art and team battles are reminiscent of Darkest Dungeon. Players are promised random generation of levels, as well as many character classes.

As gamers complete quests, they will recruit new faces into their group, as well as improve equipment and armor. Despite this, Paths & Danger received mixed reviews on Steam, largely due to the game’s crude client. In the meantime, we are waiting for a trial launch on Google Play, although there is a version that this project will be premium.

Survival Tactics doesn’t deserve hate

The game Survival Tactics was released at the end of August, but it only caught my eye at the beginning of October. It has beautiful graphics, manual controls and a zombie apocalypse setting. And all this combines perfectly in the F2P project, which reached the top 100 among strategies in the App Store. The ratings are also high, but some gamers complain about the iOS device overheating after 5-10 minutes of gameplay.

In addition to constant forays, Survival Tactics players will equip the city, clear it of the dead, train new units and knock out rare survivors through gacha. But only during roguelike expeditions can you find rare equipment and encounter a boss.

The global version of One-Punch Man: World is preparing for the CBT

Let’s talk about One-Punch Man: World. This turn-based RPG based on the anime One Punch Man is preparing for global beta testing. To participate, you must submit an application, the link to it is in the previous news. Don’t forget to connect a VPN, as the block is based on Russian IP.

Meanwhile, publisher A PLUS JAPAN is conducting pre-registration on the App Store and Google Play for the European version of One-Punch Man: World. A page for the PC version should also appear. The game is scheduled to be released on March 19, 2024. I note that there will be no Russian localization. And in the latest news you will find the minimum requirements for Android and PC.

Romans: Age of Caesar makes you feel like Caesar

The find of the past week is the game Romans: Age of Caesar, released on iOS and Android. It is made in the MMORTS genre, so each player will control their own version of the Roman Empire with Caesar at the head of the table (please do not confuse it with the salad). He will have to defend his point of view in the Senate, fighting for military expansion into new regions.

One of the interesting things about Romans: Age of Caesar is the music from CivCity: Rome, which is why some players have a strong feeling of nostalgia. PvP and alliances await advanced gamers, as well as research into new technologies for rapid development. Well, if you are afraid that all this will be too difficult, the developers have added training and even Russian language.

Warzone Mobile won’t be released this year

While insiders shouted over each other and said that the release of Warzone Mobile would take place simultaneously with the release of Modern Warfare III, publisher Activision hastened to moderate the ardor of these people. So, mobile Varzon will be released in the spring of 2024. So far, the developers are unable to give a more precise date, which hints at problems with optimizing graphics for Android devices and adding content that will actually entice players for many months. At the same time, several seasons have passed in the trial launch, so by spring, gamers can simply play enough of Warzone Mobile.

At the same time, Activision is pleased with the number of pre-registrations – 45 million players.

Nine Nights – Almost Prince of Persia

The game Nine Nights brings back memories of the first playthrough of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Fortunately, you can play it directly through the App Store or Google Play, since the release took place on September 19; only this is a premium project with a price tag of 449 rubles.

The graphics in Nine Nights are “hello from the 2000s,” but the controls are completely manual, and there are so many buttons that your ninja will somersault, do somersaults and cut up enemies with a sharp blade. The only downside is the 2D rain, for which the developers of GTA III Definitive Trilogy were criticized.

Silent Hill: Ascension is an interactive series with voting

What is this? Multiplayer horror game like Dead by Daylight? A full-fledged new part of Silent Hill? Idle-RPG “based on”? No, this is Silent Hill: Ascension – an interactive series in which players vote for one or another plot development; whichever option scores more points will be canon. Yes, this project can rewrite the Silent Hill canon, but there will also be new monsters and characters.

The world premiere of Silent Hill: Ascension will take place on November 1 at 4 am Moscow time. In Russia, the game may not be available, and the only language is English.

Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal is a mobile port with improvements

In the end, I left the game Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal, which is being developed by Feral Interactive. This already means that the project will be premium. It will be released on smartphones this fall, and on Nintendo Switch in the winter.

Essentially, this is the reincarnation of Blood Money, but with improvements: a new mini-map, customized touch controls, support for a Bluetooth controller, mouse and keyboard, “Instinct” mode and gameplay inspired by the latest parts of HITMAN.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thank you for being with us. Visit AppTime often to read the latest news, guides, historical articles, selections of cool games in different genres, and also buy donations in your favorite projects. Not saying goodbye!


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