Hello AppTime readers and viewers AppTime Media. So the last week of March has ended, together with it we are already meeting a warmer April, joking about a white back and remembering what’s new in the gaming industry. And a lot of things happened – Gaijin released a new version of War Thunder Mobile, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened appeared in many European countries, and Tencent is teasing its cross-platform response to World of Warcraft. Do you want to know all this in detail? Then listen.

MMORPG Wars of Prasia is available on smartphones

I’ll start with the Asian MMO Wars of Prasia, which was released on iOS and Android in South Korea. The developers have added realistic character models and the ability to fine-tune them, including breast size. In general, you can create the chan of your dreams. The plot is delivered through video inserts, and the gameplay resembles a mixture of Diablo 3 and UNDECEMBER in the introduction – the player fights huge spiders, plus explores corridor and isometric locations affected by some kind of plague. The developers have worked on the locations, so the wow effect will not leave in the first minutes of the gameplay, whether it is from drawing distant objects or from special effects. Of course, at higher levels, the content will move into the “Join a Guild, Raid and Capture Territories Together” phase, but so far the game has a score of 4.4 on Google Play, so we are waiting for the global version.

Shooter BattleZone takes mobile gaming back to its roots

Do you remember the days when smartphone shooters didn’t try to be like PUBG or Call of Duty Mobile? I remember why the game BattleZone was a breath of fresh air. The battles in it take place in the first person, the fighters are divided into teams and try to score as many points as possible. Moreover, the speed of movement is not so fast and you can only make a headshot with a sniper rifle. So far, BattleZone is available on Android and it shows that the developers are trying to bring realism to the gameplay. Probably Arena Breakout helped that. Another good thing is that 4 modes have already been added to the game, but you need to raise it online – so far more than 1,000 people have downloaded it. Can we help with this?

King Arthur: Legends Rise or “feel in the shoes of King Arthur”

King Arthur: Legends Rise is another Unreal Engine 5 MMORPG for smartphones and PCs. It is undergoing OBT in the USA, so far only on Android. According to the plot, the players try on the role of King Arthur, who must unite the inhabitants of Britain and fight back the gods, who have already shaken a handful of top heroes in the intro. Since King Arthur is RAID: Shadow Legends of a healthy person, the developers added a plot and voiced dialogues, and not just turn-based fights in the “whoever has more power wins” format. Of course, rare heroes will have to be obtained through the gacha system, but I’m glad that at least the starting team is assembled as the story progresses. Well, the graphics are wow.

Persona 5X: Phantom of the Night beta leaked online

Fans of the Persona series were surprised when SEGA abruptly announced Persona 5X: Phantom of the Night for smartphones. It’s a complete adventure, albeit F2P, with the ability to explore large locations, interact with characters, have long conversations, and, well, lead the life of a superhero at night. Until March 31st, lucky Chinese gamers could play Persona 5X on Android and PC by downloading a client that weighs around 3GB. I note that the servers are already closed, but there is a lot of gameplay left on the Web. It’s a pity that while the voice acting is Japanese, but the subtitles and the interface are Chinese. Nevertheless, the developers have already added a bunch of plot video inserts with the ability to create your own avatar. As befits a Japanese jRPG, the battles take place in an automatic format. And since this is an Asian project, we are waiting for the farm of materials for pumping.

You can almost see Deathwing in TarisLand

While NetEase Games and Blizzard are tearing up contracts, Tencent decided to make a knight’s move and showed the official trailer for TarisLand, the Chinese clone of World of Warcraft. And this is not hype or clickbait at all, because in the video you can see Deathwing crawling onto the towers of people, which gives off Stormwind and the WoW: Cataclysm add-on trailer. After that, the players gather in a raid and participate in a fight with this red dragon, and, like in classic Western MMOs, there is a division into roles: healer, damage dealer and tank. In the last article, I shared the system requirements of TarisLand on PC, as it will be a cross-platform project for smartphones and computers. The developers promise a division into seasons, each of them will have 2 new raids, 5 dungeons and achievements.

Call of Dragons strategy takes inspiration from Warcraft

Another game that was clearly inspired by the Warcraft universe is Call of Dragons. This is a geo-strategy where players must choose their race and upgrade the kingdom, in order to then join the clan and participate in PvP battles for territories. The game was released on iOS and Android in a week, it was downloaded more than 1 million times and rated 4.7 stars. Players note beautiful graphics and a good storyline. At the start, the donation is not intrusive, but at later stages it can play a big role. Of the benefits – free treatment of troops and PvP sieges, for which you can summon dragons. Well, in order to constantly win, players are recommended to acquire legendary generals.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is already in new countries

The adventure of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has been in beta testing for a long time, so NetEase Games decided to play it safe and arrange a trial run in many European countries and even in South Africa. Download link and full list of countries can be found in the latest news. It is a pity that the developers are not yet ready to share the full release date. However, they said they would expand the trial run to new regions. Only now Magic Awakened has 3.2 stars on Google Play, and only 100 thousand people have downloaded it, although the project itself is normal and can drag out for several evenings with a magical atmosphere, book style and PvP duels.

An early version of War Thunder Mobile is back in Turkey

Well, I will finish with the news on the beta test of War Thunder Mobile in Turkey, which takes place purely on Android. The client downloads directly via official site, but since this is a launch in Turkey, the interface is in Turkish. In general, training can be completed without it – the controls are quite arcade-like and will be understandable to fans of World of Warships and World of Tanks. As for the graphics, it is divine – the special effects from flying missiles of ships, burning compartments and splashing water at the console level and it is strange to see this in an early version. Of the pluses, one can note the departure for realism compared to the same Tank Company, which, although it offers console graphics, the battles pass quickly and such a project is already more gravitating towards the World of Tanks.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thank you for reading to the end – we are trying only for you. Write what games you remember from this week and what you expect from the next. Well, I went to beat the crap out of demons in Mighty DOOM. See you later!


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