The Russian Computer Sports Federation announced the 2nd season of the PORT project from October 16 to December 24. It includes tournaments in Dota 2, CS:GO, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and World of Tanks.

The prize fund is more than 4 million rubles, but Mobile Legends: Bang Bang allocated only 24,000 rubles for each region. The next competition for this game will be held on October 20 for teams and residents of the central part of Russia. You can register via VK Play.

Prize payments will be given to teams depending on their rating and places taken. The main condition is that the participants of one team be from the same region of the Russian Federation.

Since the number of registered teams is small, you can try your luck in the hope of a “technical defeat”.

Concerning World of Tanks, then this PC game will host 10 tournaments with a total prize pool of 2 million gold. The number of registered teams is already much larger – from 10 to 30 for each region. At the same time, the duration of the tournament is less than for the same MLBB.


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