Rebel Bots is a mobile game available on Google Play in 3 countries: Canada, Mexico and Brazil. This is an early version that offers military battles using rocket launchers, tanks and helicopters. The goal is the same as in Clash Royale – destroy the enemy’s guard towers and the main tower in a short time. To do this, you need to summon unit and special skill cards.

To upgrade your army and get new cards, you need to open loot boxes, which takes time. It can be accelerated using premium currency. And unit cards improve if you collect the required number of their fragments.

The developers of Rebel Bots promise not only battles in the 1v1 format, but also cooperative battles. In total, players will be able to build a deck of more than 49 cards. Among them are exotic types of troops, including robotic spiders with bombs.

As players win, they will increase their rank in the rating table. The developers have added seasons, so you can collect exclusive rewards. Only the description on Google Play talks about Web3 gifts, so we can talk about the presence of NFTs. Basically, official site directly states P2E mechanics.

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