Gods of Myth: Idle RPG is a mobile game, an early version of which is available on Google Play Indonesia. In it you need to assemble a team of rare fighters who belong to different elements, classes and factions. Then she will go through the missions themselves, destroying enemies without the player’s help.

Leveling up in Gods of Myth: Idle RPG happens with one button, the main thing is to get materials for victories. Among the advantages of the game I can note a nice picture, a large number of special effects, short levels and the ability to speed up the gameplay.

Gods of Myth: Idle RPG is available on Google Play Indonesia. Unfortunately, part of the interface is in English and the other part is in Indonesian.

To level up faster, you need to log into the servers every day and collect free rewards. Players also receive bonuses upon their first donation purchase.

Gods of Myth received low ratings in Indonesia, with 2.4 stars out of 5 on Google Play. And this despite the fact that the developers promise 100 free gacha tickets.

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