Cat Hotel: Idle Tycoon Games is a mobile game in the tycoon simulator genre. This time, gamers will create an adorable cat hotel; Furry guests are very spoiled, so these VIP friends are not so easy to surprise.

In Cat Hotel: Idle Tycoon Games you have to build a cat resort from scratch to get a positive “Meow” in response. Cat servants, cleaners and other assistants will help with the work and will satisfy the needs of guests.

The game Cat Hotel: Idle Tycoon Games was released worldwide on November 10, so far only on Android – there is no information about the iOS version.

In this project, you can also add a souvenir shop so that guests can buy treats, costumes and accessories as souvenirs. And you can entertain regular guests with the help of playgrounds:

  • Climbing towers and fishing ponds;
  • Various events such as “Spa days”.

Gradually, players will develop new locations, expanding their empire. The developers also promise a soothing soundtrack and cute animations.

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