Tarisland developers have opened servers for beta testers. You can download the client via Google Play USA and a number of European countries. The editors of AppTime, having downloaded and tested Tarisland, declare that you can play without a direct invitation. Only if you choose an American server will you need a VPN; VPN is not needed for European servers. You can download the PC client link.

According to the developers, qualifications for those who have not received an invitation to the Tarisland test are open until a certain maximum is reached. After this, it will be impossible to download the client even directly, and even more so to get to the server. Therefore, it is better to fill out forms and receive direct invitations.

Tarisland will have 2 new classes, a new raid and other content that was not available during the last beta test. I talked about the innovations in more detail in the previous news.

I note that testing has already begun and if you manage to get onto the servers, you can freely create a new character and go on adventures in a world that is very similar to World of Warcraft.

Problem #1

They let me into the game without an invitation, but you can only play through Europe with a long queue – about an hour and a half wait.

Reminds me of the launch of a new WoW expansion.

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