Cross-platform MMORPG Tarisland has opened its doors to beta testers on Android. You can download the game client via Chinese market. Servers are open from November 2 to November 11.

This is a limited beta test, so the fastest person to join the servers will qualify. Also, after testing is completed, all progress will be deleted.

Chinese players criticize Tarisland for the lack of positive changes compared to previous tests. A similar fate befell Fire Warrior 2. The camera controls and picture quality, which have been compared to a “mosaic,” were criticized the most.

Players also complain that Tarisland’s gameplay is not new and corresponds to the level of MMORPG projects from 10 years ago. Although gamers do not directly mention World of Warcraft, they apparently consider WoW to be an outdated MMO that cannot compete with modern MMORPGs. So if Tarisland tried to become a “World of Warcraft killer”, then this is another failed attempt.

“It’s scary to see that such an ambitious project as Tarisland could not surprise Chinese gamers. After all, even Diablo Immortal proved that if it appeals to gamers from Asia, it will continue to live despite the tough P2W.”


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